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Most shoulder pain results from conditions of structures of the shoulder joint or the neck, or may be referred from the neck, chest, or stomach. Why suffer another day, when we can help!

What can be done about shoulder pain?

A Clark resident, a 32-year-old, business project manager, came in our office with complaint of constant, dull widespread right shoulder joint pain that initiated by "clicking" and followed by a gradual loss of motion. He noted his inability to wash and comb his hair or retrieve his wallet from back pocket. This patient also reported that his shoulder lost range of motion and that this came about gradually, as he was initially in more shoulder pain. His shoulder motion was reduced to the point that in all activities of his daily life he was reduced to using only his left arm.*

Does this patient's case sound familiar?

The pain experienced by Dr. Baremboym's patients complaining of shoulder pain is a result of inflammation, compression of the nerve roots, the muscular spasm, and local involvement with the blood supply to the shoulder joint. This condition also known as a frozen shoulder, primary adhesive capsulitis or fibrosis of the shoulder joint capsule, is manifested by diffuse, dull, aching pain in the shoulder with usually localized tenderness and progressive restriction of motion.

What are the causes of shoulder pain?

The types of workers that are most influenced by shoulder pain include: assembly workers, bricklayers, hairdressers and people who have jobs that involve repetitive overhead tasks or vibrating tools, people who regularly carry or lift heavy loads, work in awkward postures or experience high levels of job stress.

Pain Free*

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"I could no longer go out and play ball with my son because of severe shoulder pain. I tried stretching it out but only made it worse of course. I only have Dr. Baremboym to thank for getting my shoulder back to pain free function, and right after the first visit."

Mike Leighton, Scotch Plains, NJ

I'm experiencing shoulder pain, should I be concerned?

Extensive neck and shoulder pain is usually the precursor to voluntary restricted shoulder joint movement, which leads to more pain and stiffness, and eventually, involuntary restricted shoulder range of motion i.e. frozen shoulder.

Dr. Baremboym, the Shoulder Pain and Dysfunction Specialist

Shoulder Treatment

We use original chiropractic manipulation protocols including passive modalities and exercise, which help progress the restoration of normal, pain-free shoulder motion and function.

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With each following visit, Dr. Baremboym's patients have noticed an increase in the pain-free active shoulder range of motion. After that, chiropractic manipulation of the shoulder and scapula was performed without difficulty. As evident by cases like these, chiropractic traditional methods followed by passive modalities and specific exercise are valuable in support a return to normal, non-dependent function of shoulder. Overuse shoulder joint pain is both a personal and economic burden and we wanted sufferers to know that they may have an option other than drugs, injections or surgery.

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As evident by the case above, Dr. Baremboym uses traditional chiropractic methods followed by passive modalities and specific exercises that are valuable in supporting a return to normal, non-dependent function of shoulder. Pain from overuse of the shoulder joint is both a personal and economic burden and we wanted sufferers to know that they have an option other than drugs, injections or surgery.

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*Results may vary from person to person.