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Do you have knee pain?
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Sudden pain in one of the knees is usually the result of overusing the knee or injuring it. The knee joint takes the full weight of your body and any extra force when you run or jump, overweight or get older.

Do you have knee pain?

Approximately 6 million adults suffer from recurrent knee pain. When knee pain becomes never-ending, multiple unpleasant consequences may result in your decreased ability to participate in physical activities. Knee pain causes joint and muscle soreness not to mention reduced psychological body function, when you’re in constant pain.

Mainly, adults with knee pain are diagnosed with "nonspecific arthritis," and it is widely felt that age factors are largely responsible for that. In contrast to common arthritis pain, knee pain is typically worse in the late night and early morning. Dr. Baremboym’s patients come in with this No. 1 complaint. Women with knee pain more often than men feel additional lower back pain in conjunction with their knee pain. The significant negative effect from knee pain on your quality of life can cause increased disability - which can be devastating if not treated.

If either of your knees interferes with night sleep and causes prolonged morning stiffness then they are simply not working properly and not moving in the manner that they should.

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Dr. Baremboym uses multiple combinations of chiropractic treatments to restore the proper function of your knees so you can return to your everyday activities without pain.

Bed rest and over-the-counter medications are mistakenly common recommendations for knee pain sufferers. Whereas effective early chiropractic manipulative treatment could relieve the burden of knee pain and its social, economic, and health impacts. Dr. Baremboym selects the most appropriate active treatments for your knee pain by addressing the original cause of the throbbing pain. His well-designed care program is a medication-free knee pain treatment that is based on the premise of restoring the function of the knee, other joints and spine. The most effective pain relief is found in the combination of chiropractic manipulation, cold laser therapy and supportive muscular stimulation. After a short treatment regimen, Dr. Baremboym’s patients report pain relief in which the body begins true healing. To help prevent and minimize any future episodes of knee pain we initiate an appropriate rehabilitation program catered to each patient’s individualized needs.

After a short treatment regimen, Dr. Baremboym's patients report pain relief in which the body begins true healing. To help prevent and minimize any future episodes of knee pain we initiate an appropriate rehabilitation program catered to each patient's individualized needs.

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Knee Pain Treatment

“When I went running knee pain never bothered me until this year. In the morning it would be worse and as the day went on it would feel better and then get worse again at night. After going to see Dr. Baremboym, the knee pain began subsiding and now a few weeks later I am able to go running in the morning without any pain. It’s really such a relief to do that again, thank you.”

Mike Barovski, Rahway, NJ

Dr. Baremboym’s chiropractic care approach is diverse and personalized, and utilizes active as well as passive care in an effort to restore normal mobility to the knee and other joints. If you are suffering from knee pain, get up, move around, and correct the underlying cause of the problem with Dr. Baremboym - before it further affects your quality of life.

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