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Tension headaches impact almost 40 percent of people. A tension headache is generally a diffuse, mild to moderate pain in your head that's often described as feeling like a tight band around your head. A tension headache or tension-type migraine is caused from muscle contractions in the face, neck and scalp, as a result of heightened emotions, tension or stress. Unlike some other forms of migraine symptoms, tension headache usually is not associated with visual disturbances, nausea or vomiting.

Do you experience serious headaches?

Dr. Baremboym has an individualized approach to the headache depending on where the problem is stemming from and how it has progressed.

Because everyday headaches or constant headaches are common, their effect on job productivity and overall quality of life is considerable. Chronic headaches may render you unable to attend any activities. With a severe headache, you may need to stay home from work. If you do go to your job with an anxiety headache, your ability to function is impaired.

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"I came to see Dr. Baremboym because he was a short drive from my house, and I could barely drive or do anything without an intense pain in my temples. He was super thorough and asked questions, and after the first adjustment I could feel a slight improvement. I went back for a course of treatment he prescribed, and have been pain free ever since. I am very grateful to Dr. Baremboym, he's made such a difference!"

Ellen Greenley, Clark, NJ
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What causes me to get headaches?

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Dr. Baremboym, the Headache Specialist

Dr. Baremboym's chiropractic approach helps alleviate your headaches while encouraging practical solutions for your everyday life that can help reduce further recurrences.

Chiropractic has quickly become the most widely used and accepted alternative healthcare approach, for tension-type headaches and many other illnesses and conditions which can be additionally eradicated with good health habits.

Our Chiropractic Approach

Dr. Baremboym locates and address the underlying causes of headaches, and his chiropractic manipulations lead to your tension headache relief.

Chiropractic manual therapy is the most used, non-pharmacological treatment for headache relief, and includes the improvement of posture and relaxation, using exercise programs, hot and cold packs, ultrasound and electrical muscular stimulation.

As your Chiropractor, Dr. Baremboym works through the origin of muscle tension - the starting point of a tension-type headache. This approach has seen a proven success rate for millions of chronic headache sufferers.

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Road to Recovery

If you want to say goodbye to your tension headaches and the risky, ineffective drug treatments, Dr. Baremboym's chiropractic care offers a promising alternative that deals with the root causes of your headaches.

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