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Have you been injued in a car accident?
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Dr. Baremboym works with each patient injured in a car accident to design an individualized treatment program and active rehabilitation that fits their lifestyle. When looking for a car accident chiropractor, you're in the best hands with Dr. Baremboym. His trusted chiropractic treatments for auto accident injuries are here when you need them.

Meet Dr. Michael Baremboym, The Car Accident Chiropractor

Dr. Baremboym Chiropractor, The Car Accident Chiropractor

Some of the most common types of injuries treated by Dr. Baremboym, at Advanced Chiropractic Health Care are car accident injuries. Because of our expertise in car accident related injuries, we understand the trauma you have experienced when you have been injured. Whether it is back pain, whiplash or pain from other injuries sustained in a car accident, our proven techniques will restore your health. Our holistic approach will get you back to feeling like your old self again.

Do you have whiplash? Have you have you been injured in a car accident? Act Fast!

When you've been injured in a car accident, it is very important you seek immediate attention from a trusted car accident chiropractor. Whiplash from a car accident is not always obvious. For example, you might not see any tissue damage or have any broken bones, but you are still experiencing pain. If you don't seek immediate, appropriate car accident therapy, you can wind up with long-term neck pain.

Once serious life threatening car crash injuries have been ruled out, the first health professional you should see is Dr. Baremboym, the injury chiropractor. He will not only advise you about car accident injury, but provide chiropractic and rehabilitative therapies that can help prevent future pain.

Should I see a Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor?

Dr. Baremboym, an auto accident chiropractor, has a successful history of treating patients who have been victims of injuries from car accidents. Residents of Union County, NJ have trusted Dr. Baremboym for over 17 years to help with symptoms of auto accident injury such as whiplash, neck pain, stiffness, headache and more. With his experience, Dr. Baremboym, the auto accident chiropractor, can quickly determine the best therapeutic methods to treat your whiplash, neck and back pain, headaches and other injuires effectively.

What type of car injuries does Dr. Baremboym treat?

Below are just several of the common car accident injury conditions that we successfully treat to alleviate our patients' pain:

The Road to Recovery Start Here

At Advanced Chiropractic Health Care, Dr. Baremboym uses a combination of chiropractic manual therapy, physical modalities, therapeutic exercise, acupuncture and patient education to decrease symptoms and reach each patient's individual goal. The best thing we can do is to provide a caring and healing environment for our patients and help them return to full health as soon as possible. Dr. Baremboym will work with each individual injured in a car accident to design a treatment program and active rehabilitation that fits their lifestyle, and to ensure the best possible outcome.

Have you asked yourself "Who is the best Car Accident Injury Chiropractor near me?" Well, look no further than Dr. Baremboym's Advanced Chiropractic Care serving the following towns and surrounding areas.

Don't Delay

If you've been injured in a car accident and are in need of therapy, we can help you recover quickly and get your life back to normal. We will walk you through your rehabilitation process, so you can expect fast and lasting results. To get immediate care and avoid long-term complications, contact us by phone at 732-340-1006 or email.